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Looking for Tile Repair services? Call Lotus Cleaning on 0425 029 990 for Tile & Grout repair services. Tile Replacement specialist.

There is nothing more unsightly than a damaged tile. Occasionally tiles can become loose, get chipped, cracked and damaged tiles even with the best of care. Lotus Cleaning can remove your broken tile without damaging the surrounding tiles, replace and re-grout to make it look like new again. No job is too small or too large, and normally at a fraction of the cost of having a whole new set of tiles removed and replaced!

Lotus Tile and Grout Cleaning are also able to repair some chipped or cracked tiles without the need of removal, saving you both time and money. Need office tile repair or home tile repair ? Call us now : 0425 029 990

Ceramic Tile Repair : Damaged tiles are a real hassle to replace, often involving the retiling and grouting of large surfaces. The good news is that we can repair ceramic and any other type of tile. Cracks, chips and drill holes in tiles are unsightly and can pose a health risk. Our best indoor / outdoor tile repair techniques overcome this, creating a indistinguishable and carefully matched finish.

Chipped Wall Tile : Applying too much pressure when securing fittings can result in damage to tiled walls, which is costly and inconvenient to repair. However, this is easily remedied using Tile Repair process provided by Lotus Cleaning , which exactly recreates the tiled finish, exactly matching colour, pattern and finish.

Repair To Drill Hole In Tile : The drill holes badly damage the tile. The hole on the tile has been carefully filled and the colour, pattern and glaze precisely replicated by the experts of Lotus Cleaning .

Minor Tile Repair s

Our trained tile repair professionals will repair tiles in your home or business, restoring your floors and walls to their original beauty. We can then regrout the new tile and stain and seal your entire floor for that brand new look.

Our works of indoor or outdoor tile repair in addition to Tile and Grout Cleaning and tile & grout repair , Tile Cleaners , tile regrouting service, tile sealing, grout sealer, and more. We are experts at Tile Repair and in some cases, fixing broken tile. We do repairs on cracked, broken or loose tiles mainly kitchen tile repair .

Tile Caulking

This service is called for, when caulking is mildewed, cracked or missing around Tub surround, Shower stalls, Floors, Countertops etc. We can remove all old caulking and apply fresh caulking.

The longer you wait to have your caulking replaced, water leaks into the drywall, studs or ceiling and internal damage is happening inside the walls.

Mold and mildew forms inside the walls, the tiles starts falling apart and water can leak into the ceiling below. In some cases the damage is so extensive that you may have to replace the entire shower.

This Is How We Regrout :

  • We will remove all the old grout and caulking with special tools

  • High pressure steam the tiles to sanitize and clean the tiles

  • Treat the tiles with environmentally friendly mold and mildew inhibitor

  • Mix the new mold and mildew resistant grout with a built in sealer to proper consistency

  • Apply new mold and mildew resistant grout to tiles

  • Clean the tiles to remove the haze

  • Apply new caulking

  • 48 hrs later enjoy your restored tile area for years to come

  • Let us do the work right the first time, and take the guess work out of the equation

Hire Lotus Cleaning for quality residential or commercial tile repair services, fair prices and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee that can’t be beat!

Tile Repair is One of Our Speciality

Our Tile Restoration process involves removing and replacing old grout and caulk, the tile cleanng and sealing melbourne and  the grout and slate tile.

We hold extensive experience in tile installation and are equipped to offer you a number of professional services in both the installation and maintenance of your tile flooring such as repairs, tile replacement and grouting.

We specialize in both grout and Tile Repair and regrouting floor tiles. The process includes carefully removing and replacing old and worn grout and caulk, cleaning the tile and sealing the grout and slate tile using completely environmentally safe and eco friendly methods.

Using the newest and best methods in Tile Restoration, our superior services will remove years of dirt and grime from your tile and grout and restore them to their original condition. We are even able to completely change the color of the grout with Colour Seal or grout color premium restoration sealer.

best job

  • 27 March 2017
  • This was the fastest, best job I could have asked for and they did it on short notice no less. The floors looked brand new, they were extremely professional, on time and truly cared. Thank you!!
  • - daniella


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