Get Best Curtain Repair Highpoint City and Blind Repair Highpoint City Service with 100% Customer Satisfaction !

Lotus Curtain Repair Highpoint City can easily and quickly take care of curtain repair and blind repair in affordable price. Call us now on 0425 029 990 for emergency service.

Restore your stage curtain, draperies, acoustical curtains and curtain room dividers for a fraction of the replacement cost. Our best curtain repair Highpoint City Process will add years of great looking appearance to the life of your drapery and curtains. Although the curtain material is a relatively strong and durable material in that it can and does withstand the “tests” of time, operators of curtain side equipment will on occasion need to perform repairs. In most cases the repairs should be performed by our team, in order to minimize downtime, cost and/or damage to loads.

Lotus Curtain Repair Highpoint City Service includes :

  • Vertical Blinds Weight Replacement

  • Replace Lift Cords

  • Vertical Blinds Vanes Repaired

  • Restring Curtain Rods Highpoint City

  • And Many other repairs

  • Curtain and Blind Track Replacement and/or repairs

Our Curtain Repair Process consist of 10 steps :

  1. Complete curtain inspection with all issues noted

  2. Submission of complete maintenance report and suggested maintenance plan

  3. Pre treating and cleaning of spots and stains before curtain repair

  4. Tumble drying to remove surface lint and restore fabric nap

  5. Custom repair of rips, tears, seam issues, etc.

  6. Flame retardant testing and treating if necessary

  7. Replacement of curtain hardware if needed or requested

  8. Curtain final inspection and brushing to restore nap

  9. Preparation of curtain inspection certificate including flame retardant treatment if applied

  10. Lotus special packing method to nearly eliminate creases

Why hiring Lotus Cleaning for Curtain Repair Highpoint City

  • We are always on time

  • Well presented and friendly

  • Huge range of Quality fittings

  • We never leave any mess

  • Very clean and tidy

  • Personalized Service

  • Installation by fully Experienced fitter

  • Qualified Expert advice

  • All work 100% guaranteed

Blind Repair Highpoint City

Older blinds may have more life in them than you realize. Many people like the window treatments they have and don’t want to spend the time and money to pick out and replace them. Repairing them has been proven time and again to be an excellent solution for many of our customers. If you’re not sure whether to choose new window treatments or to clean and repair the old ones, we’d be happy to do a home consultation and offer some ideas and suggestions that work for you.

We can replace torn or damaged blind slats, broken; carriers, hangers, cords, ladders, chains, weights, clutches, roller drums, tilt levers and more. Don’t replace – we can repair most damages to your blinds.

Blind Repair Highpoint City services include :

  • Blind Restringing

  • Blind Re laddering

  • Blind Tilt control replacements

  • Blind Cord lock replacements

  • Blind Wand replacements

  • Roller blind Width & height cut downs

Curtain and Blind Replacement Highpoint City

When it's no longer possible or feasible to your Curtains and Blinds Repair Melbourne, Lotus Curtain Repair can assist you in choosing the right replacements. We are able to match and replace with identical products your unrepairable blinds, so you can keep your interior design untouched, uncompromised and with no unnecessary extra spending.


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