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Carpet materials are water-sensitive and require different type of treatment. That’s why we also offer a carpet dry cleaning in Australia.
Carpet dry cleaning is environment friendly process because no liquid detergents are used, there's no dirty water by-product, and best of all, you'll be able to walk across your carpet as soon as it has been cleaned! There's no drying time because your carpet doesn't get wet!

Lotus Carpet Dry Cleaning Process in Australia

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Step 1 – Initial Inspection: First, we will walk through the areas to be cleaned, identify any problem areas such as heavy soiling, pet odors, stains, or damaged carpet in need of repair.

Step 2 – Move Furniture: As an option, will move the light moveable furniture before beginning the cleaning process. Please note, that we follows industry safety standards when furniture moving is provided. All furniture is moved with the exception of heavy furniture.

Step 3 – Vacuum: Using our latest vacuums, we will deep vacuum and pile lift exposed carpets to remove the loose soiling that may have occurred between cleanings.

Step 4 – Prep: Using our echo-friendly products, we pretreat all surface spots and stains before we begin cleaning to ensure the best chance of removing tougher stains and high traffic soiling. If the carpet cleaning technician finds anything that requires a more extensive method of removal, they will let you know and discuss with you the process needed.

Step 5 – Cleaning: Micro Sponges are rotated through the carpet with special equipment using soft counter rotating brushes. The Carpet Dry Cleaning Compound  dissolves, absorbs and traps soil, spots, stains and odors as it cleans. The Sponges are then extracted with our special Dry Extraction carpet cleaning equipment.

Step 6 – Final Grooming: At Lotus Dry Cleaning in Australia, we use a professional carpet grooming machine for raising the carpet pile and bringing back the fresh fluff, like-new look. Our carpet grooming system will extend the life of your carpet. It is a very important process for proper carpet maintenance.

Benefits of Lotus Carpet Dry Cleaning in Australia

carpet dry cleaning Australia
  • No Wet Carpets – No Down Time
  • No Detergent Residue
  • Surface Stains will not return
  • No filling or Dumping of Water
  • No Harsh Chemicals
  • Eliminate Allergens and Mold
  • Improve Indoor Air Quality
  • Safe for all types of Carpet
  • Carpets will stay cleaner longer
  • Safe for your family and pets
  • Extend the life of your Carpet

Melbourne's best Carpet Dry Cleaners

  • 14 November 2016
  • We will highly recommend Lotus Carpet Dry Cleaning service. I have big house Carpets and had called many professional cleaners but nothing like Lotus Cleaning. They done amazing job, We are really happy with their Carpet cleaning job.
  • - Ali Kaif


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